• Court and Registry Searches
  • Small Claims Court Preparation and Filing
  • Service of the Civil Claim
  • Attendance at Mediation, Pre-Trial Conference, Trial Hearings or
    Chamber Application Dates
  • Mediated Agreements, Pre-Trial Settlement Agreements, or
    Settlement outside of Court
  • Judgment by way of Breached Mediated or Pre-Trial Agreement
  • Certificate of Default Judgment
  • Trial preparation and witness interviews
  • Preparation and filing of the Writ of Enforcement
  • Preparation, filing and service of the Garnishee Summons
  • Alberta Registry registrations and renewals
  • Land Title – Service Alberta Registrations
  • Builders’ Lien preparation and filing
  • Setup and co-ordination of Writ Seizure under the Civil Enforcement Act
  • Forced Sale of Land
  • Discharge preparation and filing upon successful enforcement or
    collection of Judgment
  • Commissioner for Oaths

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