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Small Claims Court Agents:

In today’s business world and construction industry, managing receivables and resolving disputes has become increasingly difficult. If your company does not implement a firm credit and collection process it could lose thousands of dollars each year which comes out of your profit, or worse it could severely impact your cash flow and ability to pay suppliers, subcontractors or service providers.

We are the “Court and Collection” experts of choice for successful business owners!

With 17 years of court experience, Blue Moon offers a better alternative to a collection agency that is usually ineffective on disputed debts. Blue Moon also provides a more cost-efficient option to a lawyer when there’s a need for professional representation.

We specialize in the recovery of money for our clients through the effective use of the court system which recognizes us as “Court Agents” under the Provincial Court Act.

If you are an individual, a small business owner, or even a large corporation you can confidently hand over your problem debt or dispute to a professional Small Claims Court Agency such as Blue Moon. In doing so, you will know that we can handle the claim from the initial paperwork and searches all the way through to conducting a Trial.

Unlike a lawyer, our filing fees are “flat rate” so you know prior to starting an action what your potential costs will be, and best of all – our fees can be claimed as part of the litigation process along with Interest.

Files We Handle:

  • Unpaid Invoices / Statement of Accounts
  • Construction Related Disputes
  • Breached Agreements
  • Claims for Damages
  • Defaulted Loans and Lease Agreements
  • Alberta Builders’ Liens
  • Landlord / Tenant Arrears, Damages or Disputes
  • Judgment Enforcement (Writs and Garnishees and Seizure)
  • All Provincial Court Civil Appearances (Mediation, Pre-Trial and Trials) 
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